Poster Session

Poster Session

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20th–21st September, 2017

08 onward                                                                  Parallel Sessions VI

Session:                                              Open

Venue:                                                 ROSE GARDEN
Case Study process analysis of parts porcessing with vaerious geometric characterestic
Taishi Tamai, Fumika Ogawa, Ken Nishina, Hironobu Kawamura

Robust control chart using M estimatpr for Phase I
Shun Yone Zawa, Hironobu Kanamkura

Proposal of Design of Wxperiments for Selecting Regulation Fitting Factors.
Shu Hei Naka Mura, Ken Nishina

Failure Study of Storage Node Closer Through Accelerated Test on DRAM Componet
Sheng Feng Su, Sheng Ju Chang

The Quality Management for Statistical Production Process
Yuko Nishio, Kyosuke Tornita

The operating system for Quality Management Part II A Trial Version of Compact Combined Comprehensive QMS
Ngo Van Nhon, Trinh Manh Dung

Discussion on Standardization Construction of Applied Research Instituters
Yao Liang, Kiu Xiaosong

Rearch on the Integration of Brand Cultirationn Management Systems
Wang Liu

Introduction to “Guidelines for Plolicy Management”
Yuki Hiro Ando, Mamoru Sumimoto, Takeshi Nakajo, Kenji Murakawa, Shu Yamada

An extension of Taguchi’s T method and standardized misclassification rate
for supervised classification with only binary inputs
Hiroe Tsubaki, Kazumi Wada and Yukako Toko

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